How I Live A Happy, Healthy Lifestyle

I used to be a hardcore lover of junk food and believe me, I still am. But I’ve become a bigger lover of being happy. And a healthy lifestyle was key if I ever wanted to become more positive and healthy.

I’ve always been insecure of my body and the way I look. When I was little i could honestly finish a whole bag of chips in one sitting. Crazy, i know! And i was the queen of Pepsi Max. I would chug down so much of that soda, and burp like a motherfreaker afterwards. And since that, i’ve always hated burps. Like, ew!

But bottom-line is that I decided in my early teen years that I would make a BIG lifestyle change. And so I did. But I wasn’t really aware of what a healthy lifestyle actually looked like. I just thought it was all about salads, exercise and diets. Holy potato, did I diet! Hell ya, i was young and i still am (but much more mature now). Diets were the sh*t in my opinion, but really they are just plain sh*t. Diets suck! Diets aren’t for life. They are just there maybe a month and then you gain everything right back on (not what you’re supposed too though). But I matured with experience and loads frustrating diet-moments, and now I’m here to present you some tips on how I live a happy, healthy lifestyle:

1. Always eat yo breakfast!

You’ve probably heard this so many times, but breakfast is your most important meal of the day. Well, in my opinion it is. I know from experience that if I don’t eat breakfast one day, then I’ll binge later the same day. And bingeing may seem fine in the moment, but after you will feel so sucky. And have you ever thought about the actual term: “breakfast”. Girl, you gotta “break” the “fast”. Cause fasting ain’t healthy if you do it for too long.

I think it’s actually proven that if you don’t get some breakfast you’ll have a hard time concentrating, loads of mood-swings and and you’ll be sooooo tired. And I believe that. And I think you should too.

And please, if you decide to change your habits from no breakfast to breakfast, eat a healthy breakfast. Not just a pop tart or some sugary cereal. Be mindful when cooking breakfast. I recommend eating some oatmeal with fruits or some good source of protein, like eggs or protein-shakes. I know that get’s me going and makes my day so much more successful!


*not the healthiest brekkie, but definently the prettiest*

2. Drink da water!

You know how I told you about the addiction I had for Pepsi Max. Ya, that was bat sh*t crazy! I could drink like 2 liters in a day. It was horrible. But now I’ve exchanged it for water. So I drink about 2 liters of water a day and it’s the best thing ever! I feel hydrated and my skin is unbelievably clear considering I’m a hormonal teenager with loads of oil in my face. And I used to have the worst headaches and I found out it was because I didn’t drink enough water. And as I started doing it, the headaches went away and my head wasn’t pounding anymore. It was awesome!

I mean, it keeps you alive, so you better drink it!


*casually taking a picture of my water, while getting photobombed by a fluff-ball*

3. Get some sleep, girl!

I’m a big fan of watching Netflix till late night and not giving a damn about waking up early the next day, even though deep down I know I have to. Can’t help it, it’s just too tempting. And if you’re like me, then you know the struggle of turning it all off and just go to sleep. It’s literally so hard! But sleep is important. As a matter of fact, it’s actually a need for our body. And if we don’t sleep those 8 hours a night, we will feel tired, sluggish and moody the next day. And nobody wants that. So please, please sleep. And you and your body will thank me later!

4. Keep your snacks close.

Are you a person who’s scared of snacking cause you’re afraid you’ll gain weight? So was I girl, so was I. But really, snacks can actually improve your health. I used to hate them, but now I love them! Snacks give me loads of energy (only if they’re healthy and offer good nutrition though) and they boost my mood. As weird as that may sound, snacks make me happy and excited. Honestly, i love snacks more than a i love an actual meal. That’s how great they are.

If you don’t know what to snack on, then let me give you some suggestions: fruit and nut mix, (both salty and sweet!) fruit, (cause they’re pretty and tasty) carrots and hummus (do i have to say more?) and last but not least strawberries with honey. A new fave of mine and holy schnitzel, that’s some good stuff.


*fruit and nut mix: my better half*

5. Just live.

And while all these healthy tips are great, please don’t forget to enjoy every bit of life. I remember myself getting so caught up with being fit and healthy and have abs, that i totally forget to live. I just existed. And that’s a mistake a lot of people make. Don’t feel like you’re the only one. Cause you’re definitely not.

Now I try my best to focus on the positive and be grateful for every moment of life I get to experience. And I feel great! And you can too. Just give yourself a daily reminder to live and be grateful and that will seal the deal.


Thank you so much for reading this. That really makes my day like 10x times better!

I hope you found some tips and inspiration, and hopefully didn’t get offended by my language. I just like to speak my mind. And i swear a lot too, haha♡

Pleae leave a like or comment if you feel like doing so! That’ll make my cry happy tears, ahaha!

xx Astrid♡

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