Fishnets? Heck ya!

Heyy babez!

So lately fishnets has been in style, and I finally decided to join in and see what it’s all about. And I’ve been absolutely loving it!

The great thing about them is that they actually go with a lot more then you might think. And they don’t look so eww and ratchet either.

Here I paired them with some boyfriend jeans from ASOS and a black velour crop top from H&M.


Luckily they are pretty long, so I get the chance to make this great effect. By pulling them almost up to Jesus, ahaha, my whole stomach gets covered by the fishnets and I just think it looks pretty cool!

Here I paired them with some loose black trousers and my well loved Black Dope black cropped sweatshirt.



And just because I was feeling it, I decided to throw another outfit together. Here I’m wearing those boyfriend jeans from ASOS I talked about earlier, my orange sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters, some grey Nike socks and some white Adidas shoes.



Thanxx for checking this post out and be sure to leave a like, follow, comment, all of that! That’ll make me pretty happy, you know♡

(btw, I bought the fishnets from ASOS Marketplace, just fyi!)

xx Astrid♡

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