You Are A Badass – The Book That Changed My Life

Now this may sound a little crazy. Like a book would save your life? Ya right. But it actually kinda did.

You are a badass – a book by Jen Sincero a.k.a one of the most badass authors out there. She wrote this for people who wants to improve their life, people who wants greatness and success, and this book definitely helped me with that. I got it as a christmas present, thinking it would just be like any other self-help book out there, but i was wrong. This book did not only have a pretty cool way of telling people to get their sh*t together – it also kinda turned my life completely upside down. Crazy, i know!

Being the age that i am, people would probably just think i am this confused teenager with no life experience at all, but believe me, I actually do know a little about life so far. One thing: It can be a hell-hole sometimes. I was in a very dark place for a long time, because of many reasons and my life sucked so much. But this book made me find a way out. I became this positive person, who tried to love myself more and more everyday. I found the courage that i needed, in order to pursue something great in life. Basically, it’s amazing!

And the craziest thing happened when i was at the end of the book.
So i was on a plane on my way home from Spain, and because long plane rides are boring as hell, i decided to read a little. The chapter i was reading at the time was all about believing in something you want, taking action and deciding you are going to have it at the end, a.k.a my fave chapter!
When i was done with that, plus the whole book, the plane was selling some scratch cards for the passengers. My family and I buy scratch cards like every time we happen to be on a plane. I guess we like the excitement of it!
We usually do not win anything, but this time i kinda “wanted” it to be different. So when we got the cards and i got to scratch the first card, I said to myself: “Just imagine you already have it. I know you do. Believe in it”. At that time i had already told my parents about that chapter (as it was one of the best chapters in my opinion). But as i was sitting there, just scratching away i suddenly realized i won! I actually won! It freaking worked, haha! I guess it could’ve been a coincidence, but it was pretty damn cool. In one moment you’re reading about believing that you can have anything if you want it enough, and then it happens! It actually happens! I think it’s just great.

So to sum up this book i personally think it’s a lifesaver. It’s fun, entertaining, provocative and most of all a life-improver! I love it.

Hoped you liked this post. It’s a little different from what i usually do, but i kinda liked it! I’ll definitely do more of them in the future!

Please leave a like, comment, everything! That means a lot!

xx Astrid

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