My Birthday Brunch

So, June 18th was my birthday and if you know me, then you that I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, (especially my own). Every year since i was a little tiny potato, my parents would always invite my friends over and have a lovely birthday party for, so i decided that this year shouldn’t be any different. Except, this time I was leading the whole show. And let me tell you, it was hella difficult. But a lot of fun!

Of course, i started out by inviting all my amazing friends. An amazing way to do that, if you want to make it more easy for yourself, is to create a group on Facebook Messenger and add all your best friends to it. Then they’ll know who’d coming and you can always make some changes here and there if needed.

After that came the big question: What would i even do for this birthday? What was my theme? Activities? Well, as you can see by the title, i decided to go for the brunch-idea. I, myself, loves brunch and everything breakfast/lunch related (i mean, i love food, let’s be honest), so this was perfect for me. I think it’s all about doing stuff you love, especially on your birthday. You like the zoo? Have a birthday party at the zoo then. It’s all about being 100% happy on your special day!

Now comes my fave part: the food. I chose the classic brunch, with a few personal touches.

For starters i decided to serve some champagne with a cute little strawberry in each glass. I think that little touch just made it all so much more me. Strawberries and champagne is a classic and i’m all for it!

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Then there’s the food. I first made a savory part and then a sweet part, which made so much more space on the table. And i really needed that with all the food i we had prepared.

For the savory part we did some scrambled eggs, brunch-sausages and bacon (the three classics). We had also bought some croissants, cause i freaking love croissants. As condiments we chose cream cheese, ketchup and Nutella.


Drinks were pretty simple. I chose strawberry lemonade. It was very simple to make. All you need is some sparkling water (all depending on how many people that are coming), simple syrup (basically sugar and water), lemon (to make it a little sour) and strawberries (duh).


For the sweet part we chose to buy some pre done fluffy pancakes, with syrup and Nutella (sweet baby jesus, i love those two!).


And because it’s summertime and the fruit here now is a-ma-zing, we cut up some watermelon and pineapple. It’s an amazing idea to serve fruit at any birthday, cause who doesn’t love fruit?

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And for the fruit, i found these cute little fruit-sticks that said “pick me!” and “take a bite”, and i thought they were perfect for the theme i had going on, which btw was white, gold and pink.

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And now for the big final: the most amazing birthday cake! My dad, the sweet man that he is, made this awesome cake for me and it was so good! The recipe is from this blogger called New Yorker By Heart, who unfortunately past away in 2014, but she made some amazing american inspired food. Very inspiring!

Link to website: ( )

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Before ending this blogpost, i want to thank my amazing mom and dad for making my day pretty freaking great! I also want to thank my lovely friends for coming and celebrating with me. I love you all!

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Thank you so much for reading this blogpost! It means a lot to me!

Please leave a like, or comment, or whatever! That’ll make me so happy!

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xx Astrid♡

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