San Francisco’s Hidden Gems

This summer break, my family and I decided to take a trip to the amazing golden state, California. My dad had put so much effort into making this trip perfect, and it ended up being more than perfect. As my mom says, it was the trip of our life. And she’s definitely right about that.

Now I have been to California once before, but this was my parents first time and they loved it just as much as I hoped they would. And the minute I stepped out of the plane, I couldn’t help, but feel amazingly happy. I knew this was going to be an awesome trip.

Our first stop was San Francisco, the city full of steep hills, amazing architecture and sea lions! And while we were there, we got the chance to find some amazing “hidden gems” which i’m going to share with you here:

♡Brenda’s French Soul Food

Link to website♡

We went here the first morning in San Fran, and it was absolutely amazing! The only downer is, that it was so far away from our hotel and we also had to walk up those steep hills which was exhausting! But when we got there, and got settled and all that, the waiter was quick to give us drinks and take our order, which I really appreciate. The food was great, and as you can see, i got the french toast which was freaking good! I will definitely recommend this place if you’re planning on visiting San Francisco and are willing to walk a little too, aha!

♡Wipeout Bar & Grill♡

This place may not be the best “hidden gem”, but my family and i didn’t know about this restaurant, so i’ve just decided to take this with. Now this restaurant have THE BEST sweet potato fries and chipotle ranch dressing. Oh my lord they were so good! We went there two times and it was a great experience both times. The restaurant itself had this surfer vibe going on which i kinda liked. It felt like a cute, beachy cafe, which i feel like is a little unusual, cause it is San Fran which i kinda grey and foggy, but what do i know? I mean, i don’t surf, and San Fran might as well be one of the best places to do so.

♡Sparrow Bar & Kitchen♡

Link to website♡

My love for pretty interior is fkn huge and this cafe almost made me cry. Jokes. But really though, this cafe is so aesthetically pleasing. Sparrow Bar & Kitchen is placed in the hippie area, Haight Ashbury. I love that place! It’s so colorful and fun and you see all types of people there, so if you’re people-watcher, it’s the perfect place. Back to the cafe… This place is not only so stylish and cool, the staff were so nice and they kinda like matched the theme of the cafe. We only went in for a drink, but i could’ve stayed there for so much longer!

♡Sea Lions At Fisherman’s Wharf♡

If you know me personally, then you would that i love animals so much! They’re like the cutest things ever. And i especially love sea lions. Just cause they’re so big and clumsy and cute. Iiiii, i love them! And San Fran is full of them. So me and fam decided to find a great lookout spot, and i must say we definitely succeeded. It was kinda hard to find, so that’s why i decided to label it as a “hidden gem”, but when we got there it was full of people trying to get a glimpse of the cute, sleepy sea lions. And we were so lucky to catch to photos as well. It was a great experience getting to see all those cute creatures!

All in all, San Francisco was amazing! Me and family loved it so much and will for sure come back. Now hold on, cause this wasn’t the end. I still have loads of experiences i want to share with all of you. But for now, i hoped you liked first part of my Cali trip!

And if you got this far, thank you so much for reading this post. It means the world to me. Please leave a like, comment, whatever! That’ll make me pretty happy!

xx Astrid♡

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