My Trip To L.A.

So this is my no. 2 in my little California series (no. 1 in series: SAN FRANCISCO’S HIDDEN GEMS. And this time it all takes place in the city of dreams and angels, la la land, the big orange… (ok, chill with nicknames). Yep, you guessed it, Los Angeles! An amazing city full of great artists, palm trees and loads of sun.

I personally love L.A.. It has all these amazing vibes and the people you see just look so freaking cool. But enough said, let’s roll some pictures, haha!

♡Let’s talk: Food!♡

L.A. has some amazing food and when I was there, I just wanted to try everything! The theme they’re kinda doing is this like really healthy and pretty food, that’s like so instagramable and really tumblr’ish. So before going, i did my research and found some amazing eating-spots.

One that really stood out to me was Malibu Farm.

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This restaurant is placed right at the beach on the pier, (so basically, the location is perfect). Their motto is Fresh. Organic. Local, which to me, sounds so great and straight up my alley. The food they served was pretty good and looked so amazing on pictures, which i know is not the ideal thing, but it’s still nice. I got a greek salad and my fam got the bread mustard chicken, which looked unbelievable. I’m kinda getting a little food jealousy. And i’m not the person to drink soda, but they had this great strawberry rhubarb soda i had to try. All in all a great experience! I can really recommend it.

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Another thing i simply had to try was the famous Pressed Juicery juice. I had heard about this on Youtube and thought it sounded pretty good and really healthy. I got the Vanilla Almond, which contains really simple ingredients (they all do!). It just had almonds, dates, sea salt and vanilla bean in it. I just really like the sound of that. Ingredients i actually know what is. Lovely company!

♡Let’s talk: Exploring!♡

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

This place is one of the biggest attractions in L.A. And i totally get why. It’s full of these stars (which it’s known for), it’s filled with some weird, but interesting people (especially at night) and lastly you get to see all your favorite Hollywood stars. But don’t get your hopes up. It’s just people in costumes that’s trying to take your money. I even had to run away from one last time I was in L.A., because they charged me 5 dollars (that i didn’t have) for a pic. Like really? But in spite of that, please go visit it cause it pretty fun actually. Just stay away from weirdos!

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Danish Village of Solvang

Now, if you didn’t know I’m from Denmark. So for my family and I it was kinda mandatory to go visit the cute little town. I absolutely loved it! It just made me feel home and proud of my little country having a danish town in another country. That to me is just amazing! We visited Solvang 4th of July with was the perfect day to visit. We got to see how locals celebrate independence day, which i have experience before, but it was still special to me. Solvang, you’re freaking adorable.

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Venice is this cool residential beachfront neighborhood which had this amazing urban vibe that I loved! There was street performers, laid back surfer dudes and loads of little stalls along the boardwalk. We spent a little time just walking and observing the cool laid back culture and tbh, I could probably have spent the whole day there just looking at everything. Venice was super nice!

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Last stop: Rodeo Drive

This two-mile-long street in Beverly Hills offers great places to shop, but not really for the average person. Rodeo Drive is full of high-end designer stores. Amazing stores I must say, but not really an everyday shop. At least not for me. Although, I did manage to get a late birthday gift that I’ve been wanting for so long. A freaking Gucci belt! Like what? I never buy stuff like that. It’s just too god damn expensive. But i’m really happy i got it. Thanx mom and dad!

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♡Let’s talk: Adventure!♡

Universal Studios of Hollywood

I, myself, am one the biggest film fanatics the exists on this planet. I love everything movie related! So of course we had to visit the Universal Studios of Hollywood. Now i had already been there before, but not with my parents, so i was so excited about going. And of course we had the best time ever! We tried almost all the rides and visited my favorite part; the Harry Potter Land or whatever it’s called. I love the Harry Potter series so much, so this was the most amazing experience! I’ll never forget it!

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Ever since I can remember, Disney has been a very big part of my childhood. I would always watch this show with Disney shows only every single friday. It was the highlight of every friday. So Disneyland had to be seen and experienced and I’m glad I got to go with my parents as well. They do love Disney too, so it all made perfect sense to pay a visit. We had an awesome time!

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I’m ever so thankful for this amazing trip! Thanx again mom and dad♡ I had the time of my life!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, I’ll be sure to post a little more often in the future.

Be sure to leave a like, comment, whatever! That would really make my day.

Thanx for the support!

xx Astrid♡

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